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119 Minutes


Twenty-five years after losing his position as the conductor of the Bolshoi Orchestra for his refusal to fire the Jewish musicians, a once-famous musical director attempts to stage a late-career comeback. Andreï Semoinovitch Filipov (Aleksei Guskov) was at the top of his game when the Soviet regime ended his career. More than two decades later, he's working as a janitor in the same theater where he once conducted. In his spare time, Andreï and his wife stage mock communist demonstrations to entertain the locals. When Andreï happens across an invitation to Paris' famed Théâtre du Châtelet, he contacts his old orchestra friends in hopes of staging a performance that will bring the crowd to their feet for a standing ovation.


Aleksandr Komissarov
Aleksey Guskov
Anamaria Ferentz
Anghel Gheorghe
Anna Kamenkova
Anton Yakovlev
Bing Yin
Constantin Barbulescu
Constantin Draganescu
Dmitri Nazarov
Eric Judor
François Berléand
Guillaume Gallienne
Hervé Pauchon
Ion Sapdaru
Laurent Bateau
Lionel Abelanski
Maria Dinulescu
Mélanie Laurent
Mihai Calin
Patrick Zard
Philippe Uchan
Ramzy Bedia
Roger Dumas
Sara Martins
Tatiana Rotari
Valentin Teodosiu
Valeriy Barinov
Vitalie Bichir
Vlad Ivanov



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