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Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit

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107 Minutes


Sister Mary Clarence is back--and no more a nun than she was before! Lounge singer Whoopi Goldberg returns to the fold at the request of her religious friends to help rouse the disaffected students at a floundering Catholic school by giving them the gift of music. Singing can be habit-forming as Motown, rap and gospel engage the talented youngsters in this tuneful sequel.


Alanna Ubach
Barnard Hughes
Beth Fowler
Bill Irwin
Brad Sullivan
Carmen Zapata
David Ulmer
Devin Kamin
Edith Diaz
Ellen Dow
Frank Williams
Gabriel Trupin
Iris Graves
James Coburn
Jennifer Love Hewitt
John Fontana
Kai Bowe
Kathy Najimy
Kevin Alexander Stea
Kevin Stea
Lacy Darryl Phillips
Lauryn Hill
Maggie Smith
Mary Wickes
Michael A. Tice
Michael Jeter
Michael Taliferro
Pamela Taylor
Pat Crawford Brown
Prudence Wright Holmes
Robert J. Benson
Robert Pastorelli
Ron Johnson
Ruth Kobart
Sebastian La Cause
Sheryl Lee Ralph
Susan Browning
Sydney Lassick
Tanya Blount
Tanya Newbould
Terri J. Vaughn
Thomas Gottschalk
Wendy Makkena
Whoopi Goldberg
Yolanda Whittaker



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