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Ip Man 2

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109 Minutes


International superstar Donnie Yen reprises his iconic role as the real-life kung fu Grandmaster Ip Man, widely known as the man who brought Wing Chun to the world with the help of his star pupil, Bruce Lee. Master Ip, a new arrival in British-occupied Hong Kong, wants to open a martial arts academy to teach his unique Wing Chun style. A corrupt group of martial arts masters, led by Master Hung (Sammo Hung) refuses to allow him to teach in peace until he proves himself as a kung fu master Ip's trouble continues when he is forced to enter a brutal "King of the Ring" boxing match against Twister, a Western-style boxer who insults the Chinese locals, in a East versus West knock-down, drag-out fight to the finish. MPAA Rating: R å© 2010 Mandarin Films Limited. Artwork å© 2010 Well Go USA, Inc.


Christian Bachini
Darren Shahlavi
Donnie Yen
Fan Siu Wong
Huang Xiaoming
Kent Cheng
Lo Meng
Lynn Hung
Sammo Hung
Simon Yam
Siu Lung Sik



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