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Freaky Friday

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97 Minutes


Jamie Lee Curtis stars as Tess Coleman, mother of 15-year-old Anna (Lindsay Lohan), in this remake of the 1976 Jodie Foster comedy. Mother and daughter bicker over everything -- what Anna wears, whom she likes and what she wants to do when she's older. In turn, Anna detests Tess's fiancé (Mark Harmon). When a magical fortune cookie switches their personalities, they each get a peek at how the other person feels, thinks and lives.


Amir Derakh
Cayden Boyd
Chad Michael Murray
Chris Carlberg
Chris Heuisler
Christina Marie Walter
Christina Vidal
Daniel Raymont
Danny Rubin
Dina Waters
Erica Gimpel
Haley Hudson
Harold Gould
Hayden Tank
Heather Hach
Jacqueline Heinze
Jamie Lee Curtis
Jeffrey Marcus
Julie Gonzalo
Lee Burns
Lindsay Lohan
Lorna Scott
Lu Elrod
Lucille Soong
Marc Mcclure
Mark Harmon
Mary Ellen Trainor
Rosalind Chao
Ryan Malgarini
Stephen Tobolowsky
Veronica Brooks
William Caploe
Willie Garson
Zoe Waters



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