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100 Minutes


Drive follows Toby Wong (Mark Dacascos), whose employers at Hong Kong's Leung Corporation have implanted in his chest a bio-energy module that enhances his physical abilities. Toby has escaped from the Leung Corporation's control and is making his way to Los Angeles, where a competing company has offered to remove the implant and give him his life back.After arriving in San Francisco, Toby encounters -- and, in desparation, kidnaps -- Malik Brodie (Kadeem Hardison), who has the means to get him to Los Angeles. Following close behind are professional assassins and junk-culture connoisseurs Vic Madison (John Pyper-Ferguson) and The Hedgehog (Tracey Walter), who are pursuing Toby in the employ of the Leung Corporation's president, Mr. Lau (James Shigeta).


'Evil' Ted Smith
Bob Burns
Brittany Murphy
Cece Tsou
Chris Derose
Christopher Michael
Chuck Borden
Clive Rosengren
David Hayter
Dom Magwili
Erich Martin Hicks
Geoff Edwards
Herb Mitchell
Howard Flaherty
James Shigeta
Joe Unger
John Pyper-Ferguson
Johnny Martin
Kadeem Hardison
Kerrie Clark
Mark Dacascos
Masaya Kato
Nelson Mashita
R.A. Mihailoff
Ron Yuan
Sanaa Lathan
Sean Moran
Steve Viall
Tedd Szeto
Tracey Walter
Warren A. Stevens



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