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Bad Girls from Mars

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86 Minutes


This is a movie about a movie that is entitled Bad Girls from Mars. Mystery develops when the bountifully buxomed leading ladies are murdered one-by-one. All fingers point to a mysterious masked man who is leaving notes around to add to the suspense. Most of the crimes involve some sort of nasty sex scene, making the detective on the case wary of several of the deviant characters involved in the movie production. The viewer must determine who the real culprit is.


Adam Dresser
Al Bordighi
Bob Ruth
Brinke Stevens
Caryle Waldman
Dan Golden
Dana Bentley
Don Dowe
Drew Waldman
Edy Williams
Elizabeth 'Kitten' Hale
Evan Braun
Fred Olen Ray
Gerry Lively
Grant Austin Waldman
Greta Carlson
James R. Sweeney
Jay Richardson
Jeffrey Culver
Jerry Miller
Joe Zimmerman
John T. Melick
Marianna Benavides
Mark Thomas Mcgee
Oliver Darrow



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