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All Quiet on the Western Front

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All Quiet on the Western Front is a television movie produced by ITC Entertainment, released on November 14, 1979, starring actors Richard Thomas from The Waltons fame as Paul Baumer, and Ernest Borgnine as Katczinsky. It is based on the book of the same title by Erich Maria Remarque.The 1979 film was directed by Delbert Mann; though the acting of some of the performers was praised, the general opinion of most film enthusiasts is it failed to equal the 1930 film directed by Lewis Milestone. Nevertheless, the film has its share of tension and death, and in the spirit of the novel, manages to convey a sense of desolation, hardship, and waste. Late in the film, the turmoil and wretchedness of the main character, Paul Baumer, is manifest in his extreme disassociation while home on furlough.Most of the movie was filmed in Czechoslovakia in what was one of the first US/UK produced films to be shot in a Communist Bloc country.


Andrew Burleigh
Arda Brokmann
Colin Mayes
Colin Mayes
David Bradley
David De Keyser
Denys Graham
Dominic Jephcott
Dominique Varda
Donald Pleasence
Drahomíra Fialková
Ernest Borgnine
Ewan Stewart
George Winter
Ian Hastings
Ian Holm
Kateřina Lírová
Ken Hutchison
Marie-Noëlle Barre
Mark Drewry
Mark Roemmich
Mary Miller
Mary Miller
Matthew Evans
Michael Sheard
Patricia Neal
Paul Mark Elliott
Richard Thomas
Simon Hayword
Stephen Reynolds
Tomáš Juřička
Tomás Juricka
Veronika Jeníková



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