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98 Minutes


Three of today's hottest stars meet in this year's most electrifying drama! Richard Gere portrays Vincent Eastman, an award-winning architect whose personal life is on shaky ground. Separated from his beautiful but aloof wife (Sharon Stone), Vincent has an affair with a joyful and passionate writer (Lolita Davidovich) whose love promises a new beginning. But Vincent remains emotionally torn between the two women, leaving his future happiness- and that of his thirteen-year-old daughter- hanging in the balance. As his relationships start to crumble, Vincent hurtles on a collision course toward the one fateful moment when he must confront his true feelings and cross the Intersection. Costarring Martin Landau.


Akiko Morison
Alan C. Peterson
Andrew Guy
Barney Mcfadden
Betty Phillips
Bill Finck
Carol Whiteman
Christine Hendra
Christine Lippa
Christopher J. Tuck
D'Arcy Lawrence
David Hurtubise
David Selby
Denalda Williams
Denise Beaudry
Eli Gabay
Gary Chalk
Gary Jones
Gerry Mcateer
Jay Brazeau
Jennifer Morrison
Johnny Cuthbert
Katherine Mclaren
Keegan Macintosh
Kevin Mcnulty
Lolita Davidovich
Lorretta Bailey
Margaret Nelson
Margaret Nelson
Mark Roberts
Marlene Worrall
Martin Landau
Matthew Walker
Mikal Dughi
Nancy Cawsey
Patricia Harras
Paul Anthony Mclean
Paul Mclean
Richard Gere
Robyn Stevan
Ron Chartier
Ron White
Sandra P. Grant
Scott Bellis
Sharon Stone
Stacy Grant
Suki Kaiser
Susan Astley
Ted Deekan
Tim Battle
Timothy Webber
Tom Heaton
Veena Sood



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