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88 Minutes


Disney's magnificent animated adaptation of Edgar Rice Burrough's story of the ape man begins deep within the jungle when baby Tarzan is adopted by a family of gorillas. Even though he is shunned as a "hairless wonder" by their leader, Tarzan is accepted by the gorillas and raised as one of their own. Together with his wisecracking ape buddy Terk and neurotic elephant pal Tantor, Tarzan learns how to "surf" and swing through the trees and survive in the animal kingdom. His "Two Worlds" collide with the arrival of humans, forcing Tarzan to choose between a "civilized" life with the beautiful Jane and the life he knows and loves with his gorilla family. Filled with humor, heart, and hilarious fun, Tarzan is an unforgettable adventure you'll watch again and again.


Alex D. Linz
Brian Blessed
Debi Derryberry
Frank Welker
Glenn Close
Jack Angel
Jason Marsden
Lance Henriksen
Mickie Mcgowan
Minnie Driver
Nigel Hawthorne
Rosie O'Donnell
Sherry Lynn
Taylor Dempsey
Tony Goldwyn
Wayne Knight



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