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The Choirboys

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119 Minutes


The raunchy, hilarious exploits of ten metropolitan policemen explode on the screen in this fast-moving black comedy, based on Joseph Wambaugh's best-selling novel. James Woods, Charles Durning, Louis Gossett Jr., Perry King, Randy Quaid and Burt Young lead a group of rank-and-file policemen from the Los Angeles Police Department, who look for ways to cope with the pressures of the job. Dubbed "choirboys" for their after hours revels, they meet for "choir practice", periodic relaxation sessions at which the group gets drunk, chases women, plays practical jokes and reveals their innermost fears. Directed by Robert Aldrich, this outrageous comedy gives an eye-opening glimpse into the lives of the boys in blue, who follow a simple gospel: work hard, play harder.


Barbara Rhoades
Blair Brown
Bob Minor
Burt Young
Charles Durning
Charles Haid
Cheryl Smith
Chuck Sacci
Claire Brennen
Clyde Kusatsu
David Spielberg
Dimitri Logothetis
Don Stroud
George Dicenzo
James Woods
Jean Bell
Jeannie Bell
Jim Davis
John Steadman
Louis Gossett, Jr.
Michele Carey
Perry King
Phyllis Davis
Randy Quaid
Robert Webber
Stephen Macht
Susanne Zenor
Tim Mcintire
Vic Tayback



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