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The Dukes of Hazzard

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104 Minutes


Action Comedy based on the hit television series that ran from 1979-85. Set in present day, The Dukes of Hazzard follows the adventures of "good old boy" cousins Bo (Seann William Scott) and Luke (Johnny Knoxville) Duke, who with the help of their eye-catching cousin Daisy (Jessica Simpson) and moonshine-running Uncle Jesse (Willie Nelson), try and save the family farm from being destroyed by Hazzard County's corrupt commissioner Boss Hogg (Burt Reynolds). Their efforts constantly find the "Duke Boys" eluding authorities in "The General Lee," their famed 1969 orange Dodge Charger that keeps them one step ahead of the dimwitted antics of the small southern town's Sheriff Roscoe P. Coltrane (M.C. Gainey).


Alice Greczyn
Burt Reynolds
Charlie Finn
David Koechner
David Leitch
Dolan Wilson
Jack Polick
Jacqui Maxwell
James Roday
Jessica Simpson
Jim Cody Williams
Joe Don Baker
Johnny Knoxville
Junior Brown
Kevin Heffernan
Lynda Carter
M. C. Gainey
Michael Roof
Michael Weston
Mitch Braswell
Nikki Griffin
Rusty Tennant
Seann William Scott
Steve Lemme
Therial 'Houseman' Declouet
Wayne Douglas Morgan
Willie Nelson



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