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96 Minutes


Brian Dilks is an Office Drone. He spends his days at OmniLink in comforting monotony: facilitating the movement of product around the country, faxing, copying, joking with his best friend, Clark, and harmlessly flirting with fellow cubicle-mate, Amy. But how well does anyone really know the people they work with? When Brian discovers an improbable secret about his best friend, everything in Brian's world changes and his safe life of workplace detachment is no longer an option. Shocked out of his mind-numbing routine by this new discovery, Brian throws himself into a star-crossed romance with Amy––yet close encounters of the office kind, like sales or intergalactic war, is an uncertain business.


Angela Bettis
Dave Allen
James Urbaniak
Jonathan M. Woodward
Marc Evan Jackson
Paul F. Tompkins
Samm Levine
Tangi Miller



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