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102 Minutes


Stellar comedians Dan Aykroyd ("Sneakers," "My Girl") and Chevy Chase ("Funny Farm," "National Lampoon Vacation" series) team up in one of 1985's top-grossing films (over $60,000,000). Aykroyd and Chase meet at the CIA entrance exam. When they're caught cheating, it seems inevitable that they are perfect for a special government mission! A zany homage to the ol' Bing Crosby-Bob Hope road movies, with romantic foil Donna Dixon ("Bosom Buddies"), written by the team that brought you "City Slickers" and "Splash," and directed by hit-maker John Landis ("Animal House," "Trading Places"). A host of star cameos join in for an impossibly fun mission!


B.B. King
Bernie Casey
Bjarne Thomsen
Bob Hope
Bob Swaim
Bruce Davison
Charles Mckeown
Chevy Chase
Christopher Malcolm
Dan Aykroyd
Derek Meddings
Donna Dixon
Douglas Lambert
Erin Folsey
Frank Oz
Gurdial Sira
Heather Henson
Heidi Sorenson
James Daughton
Jeff Harding
Jim Staahl
Joel Coen
Larry Cohen
Martin Brest
Matt Frewer
Michael Apted
Ray Harryhausen
Ricco Ross
Richard D. Sharp
Robert Paynter
Sam Raimi
Sean Daniel
Sergei Rusakov
Seva Novgorodtsev
Stephen Hoye
Steve Forrest
Stuart Milligan
Terry Gilliam
Tom Hatten
Tony Cyrus
Vanessa Angel
William Prince



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