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Finishing the Game

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84 Minutes


The unexpected death of Bruce Lee, a world-wide phenomenon and established movie star, came at the zenith of his popularity. Having already shot scenes for his upcoming movie "Game of Death", studio heads decided to complete the film by launching a search for his replacement attracting hopefuls from all around the world. This indie spoof from IFC Films is an uproarious, poignant, unpredictable and action-packed re-imagining of that casting process for Lee's replacement and examines the leaps and bounds Asians have taken in media representation - or have they?


Bella Thorne
Davis Choh
Dustin Nguyen
Jake Sandvig
James Franco
Mccaleb Burnett
Meredith Scott Lynn
Monique Gabriela Curnen
Mousa Kraish
Remy Thorne
Roger Fan
Sam Bottoms
Sung Kang



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