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What Lies Beneath

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130 Minutes


In this supernatural thriller, a woman believes that a visitor from another dimension is trying to guide her into a sinister mystery. Feeling lonely after her daughter leaves home for college, Claire (Michelle Pfeiffer) begins to sense that something is wrong in her house, and feels a spirit is trying to contact her. At first her husband Norman (Harrison Ford), a scientist doing research in genetics, attributes her paranormal beliefs to stress or possibly a nervous breakdown, and sends her to a psychiatrist (Joe Morton) who puts no more stock in Claire's stories than does Norman. While Claire's contention that someone or something sinister is afoot leads her down a number of blind alleys, in time she becomes convinced that the mysterious happenings at her home are somehow connected to the disappearance of a woman who was a student at the nearby college and bore a striking resemblance to Claire.


Amber Valletta
Daniel Zelman
Diana Scarwid
Harrison Ford
James Remar
Joe Morton
Katharine Towne
Michelle Pfeiffer
Micole Mercurio
Miranda Otto
Rachel Singer
Ray Baker
Rookie Burwick
Sloane Shelton
Victoria Bidewell
Wendy Crewson



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