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118 Minutes


Carrie boards the train to Chicago with big ambitions. She gets a job stitching shoes and her sister's husband takes almost all of her pay for room and board. Then she injures a finger and is fired. This is the 1890s. Charles Drouet, a salesman she met on the train, comes to her rescue, invites her to dine at Fitzgerald's where the manager George Hurstwood sends over a bottle of champagne. Stay in Drouet's apartment. He will be on the road 10 days. When she leaves the apartment many months later -- on a train bound for New York -- her traveling companion is Hurstwood. Why is he in such a hurry? Written by Dale O'Connor


Barry Kelley
Basil Ruysdael
Charles Halton
Don Beddoe
Donald Kerr
Dorothy Adams
Eddie Albert
Harlan Briggs
Harry Hayden
Jacqueline Dewit
Jennifer Jones
John Alvin
Laurence Olivier
Mary Murphy
Melinda Plowman
Miriam Hopkins
Ray Teal
Sara Berner
Walter Baldwin
William Reynolds



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