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The Westerner

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100 Minutes


Drifter Cole Harden is accused of stealing a horse and faces hanging by self-appointed Judge Roy Bean, but Harden manages to talk his way out of it by claiming to be a friend of stage star Lillie Langtry, with whom the judge is obsessed, even though he has never met her. Tensions rise when Harden comes to the defense of a group of struggling homesteaders who Judge Bean is trying to drive away.


Aleth Hansen
Annabelle Rousseau
Art Mix
Arthur Aylesworth
Bill Beauman
Blackjack Ward
Buck Connors
Buck Moulton
C.E. Anderson
Charles Coleman
Charles Halton
Chill Wills
Connie Leon
Corbet Morris
Dana Andrews
Danny Borzage
Doris Davenport
Forrest Tucker
Frank Cordell
Fred Stone
Gary Cooper
Gertrude Bennett
Hank Bell
Heinie Conklin
Helen Foster
Henry Roquemore
Jack Pennick
Jim Corey
Joe De La Cruz
Julian Rivero
Lew Kelly
Lilian Bond
Lucien Littlefield
Lupita Tovar
Miriam Sherwin
Paul Hurst
Phil Tead
Philip Connor
Roger Gray
Stanley Andrews
Ted Wells
Tom Tyler
Trevor Bardette
Walter Brennan
William Gillis
William Steele



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