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Already Dead

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93 Minutes


Starring Ron Eldard (Black Hawk Down), Til Schweiger (Knockin' on Heaven's Door) and Christopher Plummer (A Beautiful Mind), Already Dead is a suspenseful thriller of one man's journey down the twisted road of revenge. Thomas Archer (Eldard) had everything: a beautiful wife, a job as a senior associate at a powerful architecture firm, and a beautiful son. Until one fateful night, when his son was taken from him and his wife brutalized, sending Archer down a path of revenge. When Thomas and Sarah Archer's home is burglarized and their young son killed, Thomas does everything he can to try to put the pieces back in his life. But when the police can't find the killer, Archer's therapist (Plummer) offers up another option- a last resort. He knows of a mysterious group that can track and find his son's killer and give Archer the opportunity to take justice into his own hands. With his marriage on the brink, Archer agrees to this lucrative deal. Face to face with his son's killer, Archer is faced to make a decision that will change all of their lives.


Brian Avery
Christian Stolte
Christopher Plummer
David Rowden
Freddie Joe Farnsworth
Geoff Pierson
Gregg Berger
Marisa Coughlan
Patrick Kilpatrick
Ron Eldard
Sonny Tipton
Til Schweiger



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