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The Amityville Horror

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117 Minutes


One of the most celebrated horror films of the late '70s is given a new look in this remake, produced by blockbuster filmmaker Michael Bay. George and Kathy Lutz (Ryan Reynolds and Melissa George) are a young couple who are looking for a new home, and think they've found a dream house in Amityville, Long Island -- a large and beautiful home available at a bargain price. George thinks that there must be a catch, and learns that the house has a dark history -- a year before, a man living in the house murdered his family in their sleep, claiming he was commanded to commit the crime by demons. Shrugging off stories that the house is haunted, George and Kathy move in with their three kids, only to discover that something evil lurks within the house, and even Father McNamara (Philip Baker Hall), an expert on possession, is powerless to clear the dark spirits from the home. The Amityville Horror was based on the same book by Jay Anson that provided the basis for the 1979 film, which in turn documented an actual incident.


Amy Wright
Don Stroud
Elsa Raven
Hank Garrett
Helen Shaver
Irene Dailey
James Brolin
James Tolkan
John Larch
K. C. Martel
K.C. Martel
Marc Vahanian
Margot Kidder
Meeno Peluce
Michael Sacks
Murray Hamilton
Natasha Ryan
Rod Steiger



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