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Where the Heart Is

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107 Minutes


Stewart McBain (Dabney Coleman) is a successful, wealthy businessman who has given his family the easy life. Now, as young adults, none of the kids are in any hurry to leave the cushy lifestyle they enjoy at home. But McBain knows best. Or so he thinks! To the surprise of his wife (Joanna Cassidy) he kicks the kids out into a dilapidated tenement hoping they'll discover responsibility for themselves. But the tables turn when McBain's business goes under and he and his wife must move in with their offbeat offspring! Now the McBain family must once again learn to live together, an experience that teaches them where their real family fortunes lie!


Albert Schultz
Ann-Marie Macdonald
Audrey Smith
Catherine Blythe
Christine Kossak
Christopher Plummer
Crispin Glover
Dabney Coleman
David Bronstein
David Hewlett
Dennis Strong
Dylan Walsh
Emma Woollard
Eric Moreau
Frances Flanagan
Gary Krawford
George Seremba
Howard Lende
Ida Carnevali
Jacinta Bradshaw
Jean Fleming
Jennifer Samarzija
Joanna Cassidy
Juan Sanchez
Karyn Wilson
Ken Pogue
Maurice Godin
Maury Chaykin
Maxine Wasa
Michael Kirby
Naima Jodin
Philip Williams
Prabha Gandhi
Ralph Small
Ric Sarabia
Sandi Ross
Sean Ryerson
Sharmain Beddoe
Sheila Kelley
Susan Willemsen
Suzy Amis
Suzy Johnston
Tabitha St. Germain
Timothy Stickney
Trish Olsthoorn
Uma Thurman



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