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189 Minutes


Oliver Stone's docudrama chronicles New Orleans district attorney Jim Garrison's investigation into the assassination of President John F. Kennedy - controversially putting to the test some of the incredible details of the official "single assassin" and "magic bullet" explanations that have quietly plagued the nation for decades. Kevin Costner heads a tremendous all-star cast, with the real Garrison in an ironic cameo as future Supreme Court Justice Earl Warren, of the government's infamous Warren Commission.


Alex Rodine
Baxter Harris
Beata Pozniak
Bill Bolender
Bob Gunton
Bob Orwig
Brian Doyle-Murray
Dale Dye
Darryl Cox
Donald Sutherland
Duane Grey
Edward Asner
Edwin Neal
Ellen Mcelduff
Frank Whaley
Gail Cronauer
Gary Carter
Gary Grubbs
Gary Oldman
George Kelly
George R. Robertson
Gil Glasgow
Hugh Feagin
J.J. Johnston
Jack Lemmon
James N. Harrell
Jay O. Sanders
Jerry Douglas
Jim Garrison
Jo Anderson
Joe Pesci
John Candy
John F. Kennedy
John Larroquette
John P. Finnegan
John S. Davies
John Seitz
John William Galt
Kevin Bacon
Kevin Costner
Laurie Metcalf
Lolita Davidovich
Marco Perella
Maria Mason
Melodee Bowman
Michael Rooker
Peter Maloney
Price Carson
Pruitt Taylor Vince
R. Bruce Elliott
Raul Aranas
Ray Lepere
Richard Rutowski
Ron Jackson
Ron Rifkin
Ryan Macdonald
Sally Kirkland
Sam Stoneburner
Sean Stone
Sissy Spacek
T.J. Kennedy
Tom Howard
Tomás Milián
Tommy Lee Jones
Tony Plana
Victor Kempster
Vincent D'Onofrio
Walter Breaux
Walter Matthau
Wayne Knight
Wayne Tippit
William Larsen



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