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94 Minutes


Hubert (Jean Reno), France's most violent cop, travels to Tokyo, where he's been summoned to settle the estate of his murdered ex-lover. Arriving in Japan for the first time in 19 years, he's shocked to discover his ex-girlfriend has not only left him $200 million, but a teenaged daughter, Yumi (Ryoko Hirosue), as well. So when the girl hires the Yakuza to avenge her mother's death, Hubert is forced to battle their goons all over Tokyo. For, as he so wisely advices his daughter, no one with $200 million should bring themselves to the Yakuza's attention if they intend to keep the money and live.


Akihiro Nishida
Alexandre Brik
Anthony Decadi
Carole Bouquet
Christian Sinniger
Dorothée Brière
Elodie Frenck
Fabio Zenoni
Haruhiko Hirata
Hiroko Maki
Jacques Bondoux
Jean Reno
Jean-Marc Montalto
Karine Stoffer
Kinshiro Oyama
Kiyohiko Shibukawa
Ludovic Berthillot
Makiko Kishi
Massaro Nagahishi
Michel Muller
Michel Scourneau
Osamu Tsuruya
Ryōko Hirosue
Stefan Nelet
Tomo Fukui
Véronique Balme
Yan Epstein
Yoshi Oïda
Yuki Sakai



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