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116 Minutes


Jack Traven (Keanu Reeves), an LAPD cop on SWAT detail, has a fearless nature and a keen understanding of the criminal mind. That, and some luck have kept him alive. But Jack's luck is being put to the ultimate test. An elusive bomber-extortionist Howard Payne (Dennis Hopper) is seeking vengeance after his latest ransom scheme is thwarted. Payne gives a personal challenge to Jack: A bomb is rigged on a city bus, which will detonate if the speedometer drops below 50 MPH. Poor Annie (Sandra Bullock) gets shoved into the driver's seat, while Jack does his best to save the day.


Alan Ruck
Anne O'Sullivan
Antonio Mora
Barry Kramer
Barry Kramer
Beau Starr
Beth Grant
Brian K. Grant
Bruce Wright
Carlos Carrasco
Carmen Williams
Cece Tsou
Christina Fitzgerald
Dagny Hultgreen
Daniel Villarreal
Daniel Villarreal
David Kriegel
Dennis Hopper
Glenn Plummer
Hawthorne James
James Dumont
Jane Crawley
Jeff Daniels
Jim Mapp
Joe Morton
John Capodice
Jordan Lund
Joseph Carberry
Julia Vera
Keanu Reeves
Loretta Jean
Loyda Ramos
Margaret Medina
Mark Kriski
Marylou Lim
Michael N. Fujimoto
Michael Sottile
Milton Quon
Natsuko Ohama
Neisha Folkes-Lemelle
Paige Goodman
Paige Goodman
Patrick Fischler
Patrick John Hurley
Patty Toy
Paula Montes
Richard Gelb
Richard Lineback
Richard Schiff
Rick Dano
Robert Mailhouse
Robin Mckee
Sandra Bullock
Sandy Martin
Sherri Villanueva
Simone Gad
Sonia Jackson
Stewart Wolmark
Susan Barnes
Tara Thomas
Thomas Rosales, Jr.
Todd Gordon



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