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96 Minutes


Based on the true story about Ryan Dunn (played by himself) and his ex-girlfriend Glauren (Jenn Rivell) and how she cheated on him. After the break up Glauren is rumored to have been hooking up with heavy metal Hellboy (Rake Yohn). Ryan enlists the help of his friends Valo (Bam Margera) and Falcone (Brandom Dicamillo) to find out the truth.


Alex Moul
Angie Cuturic
Ann Marie Esposito
April Margera
Bam Margera
Brandon Dicamillo
Brandon Novak
Bucky Lasek
Buddy Bill
Chad Ginsburg
Chad Keeton
Cheri Slider
Chris Aspite
Chris Raab
Clifford Of Liverpool
David Bottaro
David Decurtis
Dennis Costello
Derek Krasauskas
Deron Miller
Eric Weiss
Jason Ellis
Jennifer Rivell
Jess Margera
Jim Schneider
Joseph Frantz
Josh Ball
Mark Hanna
Matt Costello
Mike Holman
Mike Maldonado
Missy Rothstein
Olivia Hammond
Phil Margera
Rake Yohn
Ryan Dunn
Ryan Gee
Tim O'Conner
Tim O'Connor
Tony Hawk
Vern Zaborowski
Vernon Zaborowski
Ville Valo
Vincent Margera



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