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The Expendables 2

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103 Minutes


When Mr. Church (Bruce Willis) approaches Barney Ross (Sylvester Stallone) with a seemingly easy paycheck, Barney rallies his old-school team of mercenaries, The Expendables, for the job. But things go terribly wrong: The "easy job" is really a cover for a much more sinister plot, one that could cause massive global destruction. Uncovering the truth means danger for The Expendables – and a violent death for one member. Can the crew shut down the threat in time to avert disaster, while also avenging the murder of their brother? The odds are stacked against them, but The Expendables wouldn't have it any other way… ITUNES EXTRAS INCLUDE AN EXCLUSIVE LOOK AT THE WEAPONS OF THE EXPENDABLES, EXTENSIVE BACKGROUND ON THE CHARACTERS AND BEHIND-THE-SCENES INTERVIEWS WITH CAST AND CREW.


Amanda Ooms
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Biliana Petrinska
Bruce Willis
Charisma Carpenter
Chuck Norris
Dolph Lundgren
George Zlatarev
Jason Statham
Jean-Claude Van Damme
Jet Li
Juliana Saiska
Liam Hemsworth
Lyudmila Slaneva
Nan Yu
Nikolette Noel
Randy Couture
Sanya Borisova
Scott Adkins
Silvia Petkova
Sylvester Stallone
Terry Crews
Velislav Pavlov



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