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The Brave One

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122 Minutes


"Why don't they stop me?" Erica Bain wonders. Bain, a popular radio host, watched her fiancé die and nearly lost her own life in a vicious, random attack. Now she is a stranger to herself, an armed wanderer in the urban night, ridding New York of the thugs she sees at every turn. And no one, it seems, can stop her. Two-time Academy Award® winner Jodie Foster as Erica and Academy Award® nominee Terrence Howard as a dogged cop with his own psychic wounds to heal join director Neil Jordan (The Crying Game) and producers Joel Silver (The Matrix trilogy) for this jolting, high-tension thriller that has a lot on its mind. And a gun in its hand.


An Nguyen
Angel Sing
Blaze Foster
Bob Mcclure
Brett Berg
Brian Delate
Brian Tarantina
Carmen Ejogo
Dana Eskelson
Dennis L.A. White
Ene Oloja
Gordon Macdonald
Ivo Velon
Jaime Tirelli
James Biberi
Jane Adams
Jermel Howard
Jesus Ruiz
Jodie Foster
John Magaro
Joseph Melendez
Laila Liliana Garro
Larry Fessenden
Lenny Venito
Lisa Joyce
Luis Da Silva Jr.
Mary Steenburgen
Moisés Acevedo
Musto Pelinkovicci
Naveen Andrews
Nicky Katt
Rafael Sardina
Terrence Howard
Tina Sloan
Tom Greer
Yolande Bavan
Zoë Kravitz



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