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Racing with the Moon

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108 Minutes


Artfully directed by Richard Benjamin, Racing with the Moon is a film so tender, so insightful, so full of heart that you'll never quite forget it. This is the story of Henry "Hopper" Nash (Sean Penn) and his buddy Nicky (Nicolas Cage) enjoying their last boyish exploits before they enter the Marines. Elizabeth McGovern portrays Penn's mysterious girlfriend. What ensues is a tender, bittersweet tale of lost innocence and the trauma of growing up too fast. The result is a magic moment, brilliantly captured within the emotional crosscurrent of America's most dramatic time.


Al Hopson
Arlin Miller
Arnold Johnson
Barbara Howard
Bob Maroff
Brian Trumbull
Carol Kane
Charles Miller
Chuck Picerni Jr.
Crispin Glover
Dana Carvey
Dominic Nardini
Elizabeth Mcgovern
Eve Brent
Fielding Greaves
Gerry Gibson
Jan Rabson
John Brandon
John Karlen
Jonathan Charles Fox
Julie Philips
Kate Williamson
Kevin Fraser
Lou Butera
Max Showalter
Michael Madsen
Michael Talbott
Nicolas Cage
Page Hannah
Patricia Allison
Phil Adams
Philip Romano
Rebecca Pollack
Rutanya Alda
Scott Mcginnis
Sean Penn
Shane Kerwin
Shawn Schepps
Suzanne Adkinson
Ted Grossman
Victor Paul
Victor Rendina
Walter Mathews



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