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The Human Contract

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107 Minutes


Corporate player Julian Wright (Jason Clarke) stands on the verge of the deal of his career but his life just crossed paths with a woman (Paz Vega) who will turn his world upside down triggering emotions Julian never knew he had. As he pursues her in a dangerous game of seduction, he is forced to confront his past. Ultimately, Julian must face the dark family secrets that continue to haunt him and his troubled sister (Jada Pinkett Smith). Jada Pinkett Smith makes her directorial debut with this sophisticated, stylish and suspenseful film.


Anne Ramsay
Brody Nicholas Lee
Cody Benjamin Lee
Daniel Escobar
Idris Elba
Jada Pinkett Smith
Jason Clarke
Joanna Cassidy
Karl Makinen
Kenneth Dolin
Nicole Muirbrook
Paz Vega
Ray Laska
Steven Brand
T. J. Thyne
Tava Smiley
Ted Danson
Tessa Thompson
Titus Welliver
William Abadie



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