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The Good Earth

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138 Minutes


The story follows Wang Lung (Paul Muni), a humble farmer, who makes an arranged marriage to a slave, O-Lan (Luise Rainer). The couple's great struggle is to procure--and then, against withering odds, keep--a piece of land, ownership of which makes the difference between self-determination and near-slavery. The film's physical production is truly eye-filling, with location shooting in China providing exterior shots and backdrops (and blending seamlessly with the footage shot in the U.S.). No wonder the great cinematographer Karl Freund won an Oscar for the photography, which includes an awesomely staged locust plague.


Charley Grapewin
Ching Wah Lee
Harold Huber
Jessie Ralph
Keye Luke
Luise Rainer
Mary Wong
Olaf Hytten
Paul Muni
Roland Lui
Soo Yong
Suzanna Kim
Tilly Losch
Walter Connolly
William Law



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