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Searching for Bobby Fischer

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110 Minutes


Searching for Bobby Fischer was inspired by the life of chess prodigy Josh Waitzkin, as written by his father Fred Waitzkin. Josh (Max Pomeranc) is a "regular kid" who begins evincing signs of being a genius at chess. His father (Joe Mantegna) encourages this, hoping that it won't fundamentally change his son's healthy outlook on life. But Josh is taken under the wing of cold-blooded chess instructor Bruce Pandolfini (Ben Kingsley), who indoctrinates the boy in the "Bobby Fischer" strategy. Unfortunately, Pandolfini emphasizes all of Fischer's negative traits, especially his contempt for his opponents. Josh is in danger throughout the film of sacrificing his essential decency, but in a rousing conclusion, the boy is able to successfully blend ruthless competition with good sportsmanship.


Ben Kingsley
Dan Hedaya
David Paymer
Hal Scardino
Joan Allen
Joe Mantegna
Laura Linney
Laurence Fishburne
Max Pomeranc
Michael Nirenberg
Robert Stephens
Steven Randazzo
Tony Shalhoub
Vasek Simek
William H. Macy



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