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Cold War

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Since the death of his wife three years ago, Ka Chu has become an assassin for Maria who has feelings for him that he cant reciprocate. On a mission in Seoul to take out Chue Chung, the Taiwanese gangster who controls South East Asia, Ka Chu realises that over these three years hes systematically taken out almost the whole of Chungs generation, leaving his younger brother Yung to take control. Realising that hes the next target with Marias finger on the trigger, an injured Ka Chu goes on the run with Kinko, a Korean woman he rescues from Chungs sexual advances, pursued by Yung and rogue Seoul policeman Wu.


Christy Chung
Gam Seung-Yuk
Leung Kar-Yan
Simon Yam
Vincent Wan Yeung-Ming

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