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Into Thin Air

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97 Minutes


Ellen Burstyn stars as the Canadian mother of a college student who vanishes mysteriously while driving back to school in the states. After having no luck from the police, she hires a private detective (Robert Prosky) to help her. Their tenacious pursuit of clues uncovers the grim details of her sons fate, leading to a shocking climax.


Antony Holland
Babs Chula
Bill Calvert
Bob Metcalfe
Britt Leach
Caroline Mcwilliams
Dale Wilson
David Longworth
Ebbe Roe Smith
Elizabeth Barclay
Ellen Burstyn
Gary Chalk
Gary Hetherington
J.P. Bumstead
Janet Hodgkinson
John Dennis Johnston
Ken Douglas
Nicholas Pryor
Pat Barlow
Patricia Smith
Paul Batten
Robert Prosky
Sam Robards
Tate Donovan
Tom Heaton
Tom Mcbeath
Walter Marsh



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