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Batman & Robin

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125 Minutes


George Clooney stars as the mysterious caped crusader in this fourth installment of the blockbuster "Batman" saga. This time he's up against the cold-blooded Mr. Freeze (Arnold Schwarzenegger) who has joined forces with femme fatale Poison Ivy (Academy Award-nominee and Golden Globe-winner Uma Thurman -- "Kill Bill" vols. 1 & 2, "The Producers") to wage a deadly crime spree against the citizens of Gotham City. Armed with a new array of high-tech crime-fighting gear, Batman enlists the help of his daredevil partner, Robin (Golden Globe-nominee Chris O'Donnell -- "Scent of a Woman," "Batman Forever"), and their new secret weapon, Batgirl (Golden Globe-nominee Alicia Silverstone -- "Clueless," "Blast From the Past"). It's an action-packed thrill ride as the forces of good and evil clash in the most spectacular Batman ever produced. Also featuring Vivica Fox and supermodels Vendela and Elle MacPherson. Directed by Joel Schumacher ("The Phantom of the Opera," "Phone Booth").


Alicia Silverstone
Andy Lacombe
Anthony E. Cantrell
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Azikiwee Anderson
Bruce Roberts
Chris C. Mitchell
Chris O'Donnell
Christopher Caso
Christopher Nelson
Cory M. Miller
Danny Costa
David Cardoza
Dennis Lefevre
Don Sinnar
Elizabeth Sanders
Elle Macpherson
Eric Lloyd
George Clooney
Howard Velasco
Jay Luchs
Jesse Ventura
Jim Hardy
John Glover
Jon Simmons
Jon Simmons
Lucas Berman
Marc Glimcher
Michael Gough
Michael Reid Mackay
Pat Hingle
Patrick Leahy
Paul Sklar
Ralf Möller
Robert Powell
Robert Swenson
Roger Nehls
Stephan Desjardins
Steve Blalock
Steven Ito
Takis Triggelis
Todd Matthew Grossman
Uma Thurman
Vendela Kirsebom
Vivica A. Fox



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