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97 Minutes


When grasping director Bobby Bowfinger finally finds the 'perfect' script, he decides to put everything on the line and give it a shot. Gathering a hodge-podge cast and armed with a handful of illegal immigrants, a tiny budget, and stolen equipment Bowfinger lacks just one thing... Hollywood's hottest action star, Kit Ramsey. Bowfinger decides to shoot the film without Kit knowing he's in it.


Aaron Brumfield
Adam Alexi-Malle
Addie Yungmee
Alan Oliney
Alejandro Patino
Alex Craig Mann
Alfred De Contreras
Andrea Toste
Barry Newman
Brogan Roche
Carl Kocis
Christine Baranski
Claude Brooks
Eddie Murphy
Heather Graham
Hope Wood
Jamie Kennedy
Janet Jaeger
John Cho
John Prosky
Johnny Sanchez
Kevin Grevioux
Kevin Scannell
Kimberly Baum
Kimble Jemison
Kohl Sudduth
Laura Grady
Lloyd Berman
Marisol Nichols
Megan Denton
Michael Dempsey
Michelle Boehle
Nathan Anderson
Phill Lewis
Ramiro Fabian
Reamy Hall
Robert Downey Jr.
Steve J. Termath
Steve Martin
Terence Stamp
Tiger Mendez
Walter Powell
Zaid Farid



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