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99 Minutes


When Nick Vandermark (Jack Black), one of a pair of major doofuses, becomes stinking rich by selling an invention, he finds his lifelong bond with his best friend and neighbor, Tim Dingman (Ben Stiller), breaking almost beyond repair. Seems Tim (who works at the same company as Nick) is crazy with envy and can't get over the fact that his friend has hit it big. Will he find a way to get even? Christopher Walken co-stars, and Barry Levinson directs.


Amy Higgins
Amy Poehler
Angee Hughes
Ariel Gade
Ashlynn Rose
Atiana Coons-Parker
Ben Stiller
Blue Deckert
Brian Reddy
Cayden Boyd
Christopher Walken
Connor Matheus
Curtis Andersen
Daniel Lugo
Douglas Roberts
E.J. Callahan
Edith Jefferson
Frank Roman
Gustavo Hernandez
Hannah Rosenberg
Hector Elias
Jack Black
Jacob Greenblatt
Jaye K. Danford
John Gavigan
John Marrott
Kent Shocknek
Lily Jackson
Manny Kleinmuntz
Maricela Ochoa
Melissa Pouk
Nicholas Sugimoto
Ofer Samra
Rachel Weisz
Randall Bosley
Sam Lerner
Tara Karsian
Ted Rooney
Terry Bozeman
Tom Mccleister
Tracy Dixon



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