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Something to Live For

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89 Minutes


Joan Fontaine plays a famous actress who descends into alcoholism in this classic melodrama directed by George Stevens (A Place in the Sun). Ray Milland in an unofficial extension of his classic Lost Weekend role; plays a reformed drunkard who comes to Fontaine's rescue, encouraging her to join Alcoholic Anonymous while continuing to struggle with his own demons. The two lost souls fall in love, but they refuse to endanger his marriage; no matter how strong their feeling are for each other. Teresa Wright co-stars as Milland's wife. Costume design by legendary designer, Edith Head (Sunset Boulevard).


Alex Akimoff
Arthur Tovey
Charles Andre
Charles Dayton
Cora Shannon
Don Dillaway
Douglas Dick
Douglas Spencer
Eric Alden
Erville Alderson
Frank Orth
Genevieve Bell
George Lynn
Gerald Courtemarche
Harold Miller
Harry Bellaver
Helen Brown
Helen Dickson
Helen Spring
Herbert Heyes
Ida Moore
Jean Acker
Jeanne Lafayette
Jessie Proctor
Joan Fontaine
Jody Gilbert
John Indrisano
Judith Allen
Kerry Vaughn
King Donovan
Lee Aaker
Lillian Clayes
Marcel De La Brosse
Marcoreta Hellman
Mari Blanchard
Mary Field
Maurice Cass
Norman Field
Pat Mitchell
Patsy O'Byrne
Paul Bradley
Paul King
Paul Maxey
Paul Newlan
Paul Valentine
Ray Milland
Raymond Bond
Richard Barron
Richard Derr
Robert O. Cornthwaite
Rolfe Sedan
Rudy Lee
Sally Conlin
Sally Rawlinson
Sherry Jackson
Slim Gaut
Teresa Wright



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