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The Code

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104 Minutes


From acclaimed director Mimi Leder (Deep Impact), with an all-star action cast led by Morgan Freeman, Antonio Banderas and Radha Mitchell, "The Code" is full of deceit, thievery and twists at every turn. While pulling a down-and-dirty jewelry heist on a subway train, Gabriel (Banderas) encounters Ripley (Freeman), a legendary thief who was casing the same job. In spite of Gabriel's initial reluctance, Ripley manages to rope him into an impossible job: the theft of two priceless Faberge Imperial Eggs from the heavily guarded vault of a New York diamond wholesaler. The stakes rise for Gabriel and Ripley when Ripley's goddaughter (Mitchell) is kidnapped by the KGB. Staying one step ahead of the NYPD, the FBI, the diamond merchants and the vicious Russian KGB crime boss determined to have the priceless eggs for himself, Gabriel and Ripley must find a way to pull off the heist and make it out alive.


Antonio Banderas
Antony Byrne
Ariel Llinas
Assen Blatechki
Atanas Srebrev
Charles Venn
Constantine Gregory
Corey Johnson
Darrell Las Quevas
Deobia Oparei
Deyan Donkov
Diana Lyubenova
Gary Werntz
Gerrit Vooren
Harry Anichkin
Ivan Petrushinov
Joshua Rubin
Marcel Iures
Marianne Stanicheva
Michael Hayden
Morgan Freeman
Nickolay Hadjiminev
Rade Serbedzija
Radha Mitchell
Robert Forster
Stefan Ivanov
Stefan Shterev
Todd Jensen
Tom Hardy
Velislav Pavlov
Victor Boichev
Vladimir Kolev



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