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Diary of a Wimpy Kid

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94 Minutes


A live-action adaptation of Jeff Kinney's best-selling illustrated novel, "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" chronicles the adventures of skinny "middle child" Greg Heffley over the course of a school year, as told through his diary and hand-drawn cartoons. Determined not to remain on the lowest rung of the social ladder during his first year of middle school, the hapless Greg takes several stabs at becoming popular – including betraying his seemingly uncool best friend – but when his efforts backfire spectacularly, he realizes that keeping a low profile may not be such a bad idea after all. As Greg says, "One day I'll be rich and famous, but for now I'm stuck in middle school with a bunch of morons." Zachary Gordon as Kinney's wise-cracking hero, Greg Heffley. Rachael Harris and Steve Zahn play Greg's quirky parents.


Adom Osei
Aidan Gebert
Alex Ferris
Alicia Takase Lui
Andrew Mcnee
Angelina Momoh
Ava Hughes
Belita Moreno
Ben Mitchell
Brent Chapman
Brett Dier
Cainan Wiebe
Cameron Krpan
Chloë Grace Moretz
Cindy Busby
Cole Heppell
Connor Fielding
Devon Bostick
Donnie Macneil
Douglas Armstrong
Dylan Bell
Emerald Schreier
Ethan Shankaruk
Gabrielle Rose
Grayson Russell
Greta Makena Gibson
Haris Cash
Harrison Houde
Jake D. Smith
Jay Sidhu
Jennifer Clement
Jesse Wheeler
Karan Brar
Karin Konoval
Kaye Capron
Kinua Mcwatt
Laine Macneil
Madison Bell
Mariah Crudo
Maxine Miller
Naomi Dane
Nathan Smith
Nathaniel Marten
Nicholas Carey
Nikki Frazer
Owen Best
Owen Fielding
Paolo Tolfo
Paul Hubbard
Rachael Harris
Raugi Yu
Rob Labelle
Robert Capron
Ryan Grantham
Rylee Stiles
Samantha Page
Samuel Patrick Chu
Sarah Wik
Sean Bygrave
Sebastien Pentland-Hyde
Severin Korfer
Shane Briscoe
Steve Zahn
Talon Dunbar
Tara Mcguire
Taya Clyne
Tori Christianson
Triston Woolsey
Willem Jacobson
Wyatt Cameron
Zachary Gordon



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