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126 Minutes


Emmy and Golden Globe-nominee Michael Keaton ("Herbie: Fully Loaded," "White Noise") stars as the legendary nocturnal crime-fighter. Academy Award and Golden Globe-winner Jack Nicholson ("About Schmidt," "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest") is the Joker, Batman's maniacal arch-nemesis, and Academy Award and Golden Globe-winner Kim Basinger ("L.A. Confidential," "9-1/2 Weeks") is Vicki Vale, the beautiful photojournalist with a passion for Batman's alter-ego, Bruce Wayne. Directed by Academy Award-nominee Tim Burton ("Tim Burton's Corpse Bride," "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory"). Featuring songs by music legend Prince ("Purple Rain") and a score by Academy Award and Golden Globe-nominee and Emmy-winner Danny Elfman ("Tim Burton's Corpse Bride," "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory"). Selected by the prestigious American Film Institute as one of the 400 greatest American films of all time, who also added Batman and the Joker to its list of 100 Greatest Heroes and Villains.


Adrian Meyers
Amir M. Korangy
Anthony Wellington
Billy Dee Williams
Bruce Mcguire
Carl Chase
Charles Roskilly
Christopher Fairbank
Clyde Gatell
David Baxt
Del Baker
Dennis Lill
Edwin Craig
Elliott Stein
Garrick Hagon
George Lane Cooper
George Roth
Hugo Blick
Jack Nicholson
Jack Palance
Jazzer Jeyes
Jerry Hall
Joel Cutrara
John Dair
John Sterland
Jon Soresi
Kate Harper
Keith Edwards
Kim Basinger
Kit Hollerbach
Lachelle Carl
Lee Wallace
Leon Herbert
Liza Ross
Mac Macdonald
Mac Mcdonald
Michael Balfour
Michael Gough
Michael Keaton
Pat Hingle
Paul Birchard
Paul Michael
Philip O'Brien
Philip Tan
Richard Durden
Richard Strange
Robert Wuhl
Rocky Taylor
Sam Douglas
Sharon Holm
Steve Plytas
Terence Plummer
Tracey Walter
Valentino Musetti
Vincent Wong
Wayne Michaels
William Hootkins



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