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Born Romantic

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96 Minutes


In modern-day London, three men (Craig Ferguson, Jimi Mistry and James Morrissey) and three women (Olivia Williams, Jane Horrocks and Catherine McCormack) fall in and out of love and back again, to the Greek-chorus accompaniment of two cab drivers, who engage in an ongoing conversation about sex. A winning romantic comedy, Born Romantic is the second feature by British writer-director David Kane.


Adrian Lester
Ashley Walters
Catherine Mccormack
Craig Ferguson
David Morrissey
Hermione Norris
Ian Hart
Jane Horrocks
Jessica Hynes
Jimi Mistry
John Thomson
Jose Ordonez Fernandes De Souza
Kenneth Cranham
Louise Delamere
Martin Savage
Mel Raido
Olivia Williams
Paddy Considine
Sally Phillips
Tony Maudsley



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