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Flirting with Disaster

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92 Minutes


In this comedy of errors, soon-to-be father Mel Coplin sets out to find his birth parents, accompanied by his wife and sexy female adoption agent. Their quest becomes even more anarchic once drug dealers and a pair of gay FBI agents get involved.


Alan Alda
Ben Stiller
Beth Ostrosky
Celia Weston
Charlet Oberly
Clarke Bittner
Cynthia Lamontagne
David Patrick Kelly
Don Creech
George Segal
Glenn Fitzgerald
John Ford Noonan
Jonathan Teague Cook
Josh Brolin
Lily Tomlin
Mary Tyler Moore
Nadia Dajani
Patricia Arquette
Richard Jenkins
Shawn Michael Howard
Steve Moreno
Téa Leoni
Tony Kruk
Tori Davis



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