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Leaving Las Vegas

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112 Minutes


Ben Sanderson, a Hollywood talent rep, loses his job because of his drinking. Despondent, he goes to Las Vegas to end his life in one final binge. But, on the Strip, his plans are interrupted when he meets Sera...a street-smart hooker. Ben and Sera's chance meeting becomes a respite on the road to oblivion as these two disenfranchised souls form a bond that is as mysterious as it is immutable. Based upon the novel by John O'Brien.


Albert Henderson
Anne Lange
Bill Thompson
Bob Rafelson
Carey Lowell
Danny Huston
David Brisbin
David Kriegel
Davidlee Willson
Ed Lauter
Elisabeth Shue
Emily Procter
French Stewart
Gordon Michaels
Graham Beckel
Jeremy Jordan
Julian Lennon
Julian Sands
Kim Adams
Laurie Metcalf
Lou Rawls
Lucinda Jenney
Marc Coppola
Marek Stabrowski
Mariska Hargitay
Michael A. Goorjian
Mike Figgis
Nicolas Cage
Paul Quinn
R. Lee Ermey
Richard Lewis
Sergio Premoli
Shashi Bhatia
Shawnee Smith
Steven Weber
Stuart Regen
Susan Barnes
Thomas Kopache
Tracy Thorne
Valeria Golino
Vincent Ward
Waldemar Kalinowski
Xander Berkeley



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