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The Duchess

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110 Minutes


Academy Award nominees Keira Knightley and Ralph Fiennes star in The Duchess: the compelling true story of a lavish world filled with smoldering passion, heartbreaking deception and stifling demands. Beloved by a nation but betrayed by her husband, Georgiana Spencer -- The Duchess of Devonshire and "Empress of Fashion" -- faced an agonizing choice between responsibility and love. This gripping portrayal of England's "It Girl" has won acclaim from audiences and critics alike. She was vivacious. She was heroic. She was The Duchess.


Aidan Mcardle
Alistair Petrie
Andrew Armour
Angus Mcewan
Benjamin Noble
Bruce Mackinnon
Charlotte Rampling
Dominic Cooper
Emily Cohen
Emily Jewell
Eva Hrela
Fiona Sheehan
Georgia King
Hayley Atwell
Jelena Percin
John Shrapnel
Justin Edwards
Kate Burdette
Keira Knightley
Laura Stevely
Luke Norris
Mercy Fiennes Tiffin
Patrick Godfrey
Poppy Wigglesworth
Ralph Fiennes
Richard Curzon
Richard Mccabe
Sarah Wyatt
Sebastian Applewhite
Simon Mcburney
Sophia Johnston



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