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American Dreamz

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107 Minutes


In preparation for a season finale featuring an appearance by the bumbling U.S. president, the host (Hugh Grant) of a popular singing competition TV show incorporates Jewish and Muslim contestants. But what no one with the show realizes is that an aspiring Broadway singer from Iraq is also the pawn of a terrorist group that wants to assassinate the commander in chief on air!


Adam Busch
Aldis Hodge
Andrew Divoff
Beau Holden
Bernard White
Bruce Garrick
Carmen Electra
Chao Li Chi
Chris Klein
Christianne Klein
Dennis Quaid
Haaz Sleiman
Hugh Grant
James Gleason
Jay Harik
Jeffrey Ross
Jennifer Coolidge
John Cho
John Griffin
Joshua Wade
Judy Greer
Karen-Eileen Gordon
Kevin Makely
Kevin R. Kelly
Lawrence Pressman
Lisa K. Wyatt
Marcia Gay Harden
Marley Shelton
Michael D. Roberts
Mike Batayeh
Nicholas Schutt
Niki J. Crawford
Noureen Dewulf
P.D. Mani
Perrey Reeves
Sam Golzari
Samantha Jade Gibbs
Seth Meyers
Shohreh Aghdashloo
Tim Rhoze
Trey Parker
Willem Dafoe



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