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Play Misty for Me

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102 Minutes


Clint Eastwood made his directorial debut with this contemporary thriller about psychotic obsession. Eastwood also takes the lead in the starring role as Dave Garver, a popular radio disc jockey who repeatedly receives on-air phone requests from a sexy female fan to "play Misty for me." When the woman, Evelyn Draper (Jessica Walter), orchestrates a rendezvous with Dave at his favorite nightspot, the two begin a torrid affair. But when Dave decides to end the relationship, Evelyn's obsession turns to violence. Soon everything and everyone in Dave's life becomes a target for Evelyn's increasingly deadly campaign of terror. Beautifully photographed on location in Eastwood's hometown of Carmel, California, Play Misty for Me continues to be considered one of the great modern-day thrillers.


Brit Lind
Clarice Taylor
Clint Eastwood
Don Siegel
Donna Mills
Duke Everts
George Fargo
Irene Hervey
Jack Ging
James Mceachin
Jessica Walter
John Larch
Mervin W. Frates
Otis Kadani
Tim Frawley



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