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I'm Dancing as Fast as I Can

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107 Minutes


One of today's most gifted and brilliant actresses, Jill Clayburgh, brings her special sensitivity to the role of Barbara Gordon, a successful television documentary producer who became hopelessly dependent on tranquilizers. But this is much more than a story of addiction and withdrawal; it is an examination of the success syndrome that affects the lives of people whose career triumphs are achieved at great personal sacrifice. It is the dramatic and suspenseful story of one woman's survival in a battle for her sanity- and her life. In this urgent quest, she must discover her inner strength, independence, and ability to be truly happy.


Albert Salmi
C. C. H. Pounder
Dan Hedaya
Daniel Stern
Deborah Foreman
Dianne Wiest
Ellen Greene
Erin Halligan
Geraldine Page
Gregory Osborne
James Sutorius
Jill Clayburgh
Joe Pesci
John Lithgow
Joseph Maher
Kathleen Widdoes
Nicol Williamson
Richard Masur



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