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Ready to Rumble

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107 Minutes


When two young wrestling fanatics watch their idol suffer a humiliating defeat, they travel to WCW headquarters in Atlanta in the hopes of revitalizing his career. However, they soon discover he isn't the man they've come to worship. This movie is a hilarious look at the world of professional wrestling -- both in and out of the ring -- featuring an ensemble cast that includes David Arquette ("Eight Legged Freaks," "See Spot Run"), Scott Caan ("Ocean's Eleven," "American Outlaws"), Oliver Platt (TV's "The West Wing," "Three to Tango"), Oscar and Golden Globe-winner Martin Landau ("The Majestic," "Ed Wood"), Rose McGowan (TV's "Charmed," "Monkeybone"), and a host of WCW superstars, including Bill Goldberg and the Nitro Girls.


Ahmet Zappa
Bill Goldberg
Billy Silverman
Booker Huffman
Carlos Santiago Espada Moises
Caroline Rhea
Chae An
Charles Robinson
Chris Owen
Christopher Klucsarits
Curt Hennig
David Arquette
Eduardo Aníbal González Hernández
Ellen Dow
Gene Okerlund
Glenn Gilbertti
Gregory Shane Helms
Joe Pantoliano
Kathleen Freeman
Lewis Arquette
Mark Hildreth
Martin Landau
Melissa Bellin
Michael Buffer
Michael Laauli Hayner
Mike Tenay
Oliver Platt
Oscar Rubio Gutierrez
Page Joseph Falkinburg, Jr
Perry Satullo
Peter Gruner, Jr.
Randy Savage
Richard Lineback
Rose Mcgowan
Scott Caan
Scott Charles Bigelow
Sharmell Sullivan-Huffman
Sid Eudy
Stephanie Bellars
Steve Borden
Tait Smith
Teri Byrne
Tony Schiavone
Vanessa Sullivan



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