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The Babe

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115 Minutes


John Goodman brings the legendary Babe Ruth to life in this triumphant film Entertainment Weekly calls "a crowd pleaser." Co-starring Kelly McGillis (Witness), The Babe chronicles Ruth"s phenomenal story - from his hard knock beginnings at Baltimore orphanage, to his meteoric rise to baseball superstardom and his poignant retirement from the game. His amazing life and career included seven American League pennants, four World Series championships, two tempestuous marriages and a wild lifestyle that earned him numerous suspensions. The Babe is the definitive story of one of sport's most fascinating figures, capturing all the drama and excitement of the greatest player in baseball history.


Alan Johnson
Bernard Kates
Bernie Gigliotti
Brendan Hutt
Bruce Boxleitner
Danny Goldring
Elizabeth Greenberg
Gene Weygandt
J.C. Quinn
James Cromwell
Jeffrey Wiseman
Jim Ortlieb
Johanna Mckay
John Goodman
Joseph Ragno
Kelly Mcgillis
Larry Cedar
Matt Doherty
Matt Doherty
Michael Krawic
Michael Mcgrady
Michael Nicolosi
Michael Papajohn
Peter Donat
Ralph Marrero
Randy Steinmeyer
Richard Tyson
Robert Swan
Scott Haven
Shannon Cochran
Stephen Caffrey
Stevie Lee
Tricia Munford
Trini Alvarado
W. Earl Brown



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