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Return to the Bat Cave: The Misadventures of Adam and Burt

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90 Minutes


Adam West and Burt Ward are taken on a crazy adventure when the Batmobile is stolen from a car museum and they must track down the thief and return it. After solving a puzzle, they realize that the clues to finding the fiend who stole the Batmobile are hidden in their past. During the search, they flashback to their three seasons in tights, including their many sexual escapades.


Adam West
Amy Acker
Betty White
Brett Rickaby
Bud Watson
Burt Ward
Curtis Armstrong
Erin Carufel
Frank Gorshin
Jack Brewer
Jason Marsden
Jim Jansen
Julia Rose
Julie Newmar
Lee Meriwether
Lyle Waggoner
Nikki Ziering
Quinn K. Redeker
Tony Tanner



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