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120 Minutes


Witness ALIVE, the thrilling true-life adventure of challenge and survival! In this action-packed hit, a team of tough rugby players survive a plane crash deep in the desolate, snow-covered Andes. Stranded there, they must overcome incredible odds to stay alive! See for yourself the unforgettable story of ordinary young men who find courage in the face of disaster and test the very limits of human endurance! It's an astonishing death-defying triumph that will both entertain ... and inspire you!


Aurelio Dinunzio
Bruce Ramsay
Chad Willett
Christian J. Meoli
Danny Nucci
David Cubitt
David Kriegel
Diana Barrington
Ele Keats
Ethan Hawke
Fiona Roeske
Frank Pellegrino
Gian Didonna
Gordon Currie
Gordon Gurrie
Illeana Douglas
Jack Noseworthy
Jake Carpenter
Jan D'Arcy
Jason Gaffney
Jerry Wasserman
John Cassini
John Malkovich
John Newton
José Zúñiga
Josh Hamilton
Josh Lucas
Kevin Breznahan
Michael Delorenzo
Michael Sicoly
Michael Sicoly
Michael Tayles
Michael Woolson
Nuno Antunes
Pat Romano
Richard Ian Cox
Sam Behrens
Seth Arnett
Silvio Pollio
Steven Shayler
Tony Morelli
Vincent Spano



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